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Are you ready to get your happy? Maybe move from out of those self-damaging and self-sabotaging negative thoughts? Perhaps you are self-defeating? Maybe you just want to move from what once was darkness into light. I am on a mission to help others (and myself, because hey there is always room for growth) get to that place of supreme happiness!

Hey, I’m Brooke, and I am the author behind Living in Light.  I am a lover of my family, my food, and my frugalities! I’m the type of person that hums and sings while they eat, while simultaneously  thinking about my next meal! I’m not the greatest cook (I do try) but, I am a great taster. I have been referred to as the human disco by friends, because, I love music, and will sing (and sometimes) dance along, no matter the location. I dig a good Broadway play (at a discount of course) and love to attend a dope festival when the weather is just right!

My blog is for those who may look like they have it all together on the outside, but might be falling apart on the inside. Those who may have had some struggles getting to happy, or recognizing your own self-worth. Here, I’d like to share my journey towards getting to happy, what I’ve tried, what worked (and didn’t), plus I may nerd out a bit with some science too.  Now, I like a good self-care site or two or three, but my focus will be on complete change from the inside out! From my mind, my body, to my wallet and beyond. I’d love to hear about your journey as well.

Check out more of what got me here in my first post…Why am I here? The First Stop to Discovering My Purpose.

I can’t wait to grow with you!


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