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I Can See Clearly Now…Well Sort Of

Throughout my life, I had CONVINCED myself that all that I would have is a house, great fam, some friends and that would be that.

But something happened that caused me to see things differently. One of my friends invited me over a while back, for a vision board party.

In case you don’t know, a vision board is a group of pictures or words that you put together to assist you in manifesting the things that you desire. You also put words or phrases related to what you want to occur around the pictures.

To me, this is related to the Law of Attraction as referenced in the book The Secret, where it emphasizes that life’s experiences are formed through your thoughts. Pretty powerful stuff, if I do say so myself.

Let me be clear, I am so not that gal that does vision boards. I mean, I had no vision at all. Seriously. When I was in school, I was quite clear about my goals. I knew when I would graduate, when I planned to take my licensing exams, and all that was in between.

I even had an idea of when I would buy my first house and where I would live. But beyond that, nah. I had no clue.

In fact, I really couldn’t see myself getting older, you know like a legit senior, let alone having a husband and some kids to share it with.

My thoughts were so distorted that I totally talked myself out of ever thinking that I was deserving of that. Sad, huh?

Where Do I Begin?

Since I had no vision when I started the process, I had no clue where to begin.

I had absolutely no idea of what I wanted, of what my dreams were, my hopes, or anything in between. I knew that I would have a dope career, and occasionally go hang out with some friends, maybe take a trip or two and that was about it.

So, during this vision board party, I just started looking through magazines and cutting out things that looked pretty. Hey, if nothing else, I would have some pretty cool pics, right?

Clip And Paste, Clip And Paste

As I found more and more pictures, I noticed that I had cut out things that had a theme.

There was a section for family (to include a husband and children, woah!). I even had sections for creating awesome food for my family, and personal and professional growth too…

Here is what the finished project looked like.



Things Are Starting To Make Sense Now

For someone with no vision, I think it became clear that I truly did have vision, thanks to this board.

I guess that’s what was inside of me this whole time. Looking back, I realize that I was completely unaware how to get it to come out.

It was actually pretty amazing and shocking at the same time. I mean it looked like I could have a future; a family, and everything that comes with it. Hey, I could even be happy in the process too!

It doesn’t stop there. Update your vision board, create a new one, and see where you are verses where you were when you started.

Did you grow, if so, how? Did anything that you placed on your vision board come true?

Has anything ever happened that caused you to reconsider what you thought your future would be?

Have you ever done a vision board before? If so, I’d love for you to share your experience!



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